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Use this guide to promote the book that you are currently reading.

Five Easy Steps to Making a Great Book Trailer

Step One: Study the Masters

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***Tip: Always include the Title and Author of the book.

Step Two: Tell a Story

  • select images that show the tone of the book, Scary, suspenseful, futuristic, romantic? (are there any symbols or metaphors that stand out, what do you think the characters look like, how do you picture the setting?)  
  • select short, snappy text (What words might propel the trailer, often text posed in the form of a question works best)
  • think about using a voiceover

Step Three: Search for Images and Music on Royalty-Free Sites

  • Use the links that we shared with you
  • Select music and sound effects
  • Stay organized!
    • Keep all images and music in your book trailer folder!
    • Add every site that you use to your EasyBib list!

Step Four: Use the Right Tool for the Job

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Please remember to select "Finish Movie," in windows movie maker. Once you select this option you will want to choose e-mail movie. Even if you do not plan on e-mailing you must save the movie with the correct file extension .wmv.
  • PowerPoint (with animations to create a movie-like effect)
  • Power Director (if you already know how to use it / be prepared that Power Director is only available on the library desktops and we will not always have access to them)

Step Five: Ready, Set, Launch!

  • Does it make me curious about the book?
  • Do the transitions make sense?
  • Do the graphics fit the tone of the book?
  • Does it grab my attention?
  • Does it address the key points on my rubric?

 From the VOYA article by Pamela Lowell "Five Easy Steps to Making a Great Book Trailer that your Students-and Even Technophobes (like me)-Can Master."

Rubric & Organizational Tools


Remember "popular music," is not Royalty Free. Anytime someone plays Tik Tok, Ke$ha receives a royalty ($$$). You can use commonly used songs but only 10% or 30 seconds of the song, anything else is a copyright violation. Remember if you choose to not use a royalty free site you can only play your presentation for educational use and it cannot be posted on the web.

Also, you will need to explain the connection between the music that you choose and your book. Don't just choose your favorite song.

Photography Links

Important Copyright Information: You must include source information in the closing credits.

Royalty Free Videos