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a data mining project exhibiting your research in a "Fakebook" page

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Templates / Rubric / Assignment Description

How to I get my internet and socail media?

How to I get my internet and socail media?
mostly using my Smart Phone: 0 votes (0%)
mostly on a computer: 2 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 2

What social media do I use?

I could use only one social media site, application, ot program I would use...

What social media do I use?
FaceBook: 0 votes (0%)
Istagram: 0 votes (0%)
Flickr: 0 votes (0%)
Skype / oovoo: 0 votes (0%)
other: 1 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 1

Reasearch Starters!

Fakebook Challenge: Introduction to the challenge.

Watch the movie clip and then start the challenge at task numbe one and take the polls on the right hand side. All the files (rubrics, descriptions, formative checklist of websites and graphic organizer) are also on the right hand side. Enjoy!!

List of Technologists

Technologist Fakebook Page

Please choose a technologist from the list below and create a Fakebook Page according to the rubric and graphic organizer. Be sure to include all of the requirements and site your sources.


Bill Gates (microsoft)                           Steve Jobs (apple)                                      Mark Zuckerberg (facebook)

Tim Berners-Lee (the internet)             William higginbotham (1st video game)   Jack Dorsey (twitter)

Gordan Moor (Intel)                             Bill Hewlett (Hewlett Packard)                  Steve Wozniak (apple)

Carol Bartz (Autodesk, Yahoo)            Michael Dell (Dell)                                     Adam Osborne (1st laptop)

Larry Page (google)                             Sergey Brin (google)                                   Robrt Cailliau (HTML hyperlinks)

John Atanasoff (first computer)           Clifford Berry (first computer)                   Alan Turig (father of computing)

Radia Perlman (mother of internet)     Tim Paterson (MS Dos)                              Sean Parker (napster)


If there is someone else you would be interested in studying please check with the teacher for approval before you begin your work. 

Task One: Fakebook Challenge -- Choose a Technologist

  1. Look throught the list of Technologists in the "Technologists" box above.
  2. Download the Formative Checklist file.
  3. Download the Fakebook Graphic Organizer
  4. Begin reasearching and savings -- facts, images, dates, places, information to site my sources -- in fact everything you need to complete the challenge.

Task Two: Fakebook Challange -- Make the Fakebook

Now you have completed the reasearch visiting all the sites and more on the Formative checklist AND completely filled in the graphic organizer so I know I have all the info and images and sources I need to make my Fakebook.

Download the Fakebook Template from the files box.

Don't forget to create the bibliography page.

And ...

Don't forget to load it all into Moodle so it can be graded and you get the credit you richly deserve.

Task Three: Fakebook Challnege -- Present my FAkebook to the class

Now we re finished lets share our work with each other!!

Fakebook Challenge: Conclusion to the challenge

Now you have met the Fakebook Challenge -- watch the movie clip and complete the challenge reflection or answer the question "What technolgy revolution is next?

Don't forget to upload all the end-products to moodle, share the needed files on google docs and turn in the checklists and organizers: Your Fakebook; Your bibliography; Your Reflection; Your Presentation; Your formative checklist; Your completed graphic organizer; Last but not least your Rubric!!!