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UN Millennium Development Goals: Poverty & Hunger

Environmental Science UN Millennium Development Goals project

UN Direct Links

Goal 1

Click above for direct information about Goal 1.  Included are basic statistics (Where Do We Stand?), case studies (UNDP's Work around the Globe), and facts (Quick Facts).

MDG Report 2012

The Millennium Development Goals Report directly from the UN contains the most recent efforts and statistics for each goal.  Above is a link to the report's basic webpage.  On the right of the webpage, you can download the report to your computer.

NOTE: This report is super in-depth, but it is the most current information about the UN's efforts from the UN itself.  Take your time with it and ask questions if you need help understanding the material.  



Use CultureGrams to find recent statistics and information about countries around the world.  If you're accessing this off-campus, you'll need the school's username and password.

Username: sanbornh

Password: Ask a librarian, ask a friend, ask a teacher -- we use the same password for all library resources.

Indicators of Improvement

Public Awareness

UN's YouTube Page                          UN MDG Facebook Page       

Public Awareness - Twitter