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Shark Tank: Project Guidelines

Students have entered a competition for $250 towards building a dream project in woodworking, welding, or autos.


Day 1:      Brainstorm an idea for a project you would like to make. (use the Project Planning Document below)

Day 2-3:      Prepare a clear presentation for making your project a reality.
                  Your presentation must include:

    • Materials List
    • Budget
    • Step-by-step instructions (at least 10 steps)
    • Visuals (images that you found or created which will enhance your presentation)

      Your presentation may include a video, poster, PowerPoint, handout, or any other delivery method that works for you.     

      Your presentation will be graded using the Project Score Card (see below).

Day 4:      Present your materials list, budget, instructions, and visuals to the "Sharks"* 

*Mr. Kelly and/or Mr. Owen will pick a winner from each class based on feedback from the teachers, librarian, and from the rest of the class. 

Shark Tank Documents