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Sanborn Archives: FAQ

A visual representation of Sanborn through the years.


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the archives:


 Where are the archives located?

The Sanborn archives are based in the library at the high school.

Can I make donations to the archives?

Yes! The Sanborn archives are always open to donations, as long as said donations are Sanborn related and approved by an administrator.

What does "items on loan" mean?

If an item is on loan, it means that the item is not in our official collection and only avaible in the archives for a limited time.

Can I check the yearbooks out?

No, the yearbooks, along with all other archival materials, can not be checked out. But, if you wanted to make a copy of something and print it out, that is always allowed.

Are the materials showcased online the only materials available?

No! There are many more items available in the archives! But, since most of those items are documents, it would not be visually appealing to put them online. They are, however, avaible for viewing upon request.

Are there any archives related specifically to sports?

Yes! They are located by the gyms in the high school. There, you can find a variety of trophies, awards, medals, and team pictures.

Is the digital archival project complete?

No, the archives are a continual work in progress. We are constantly reciving and documenting new material every day.

If you still have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us using the information provided.


Contact Information

Contact Information:


Phone: (603) 642-3341 (Ex. 130)