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English Teacher Resources: Welcome

How do we help our students become better readers & writers?


  • Welcome from Pam, Kate, Bari, and Michael
  • Development of group norms
  • Close reading of the ELA Anchor Standards & ELA Common Core Shifts
  • [Guiding Questions Protocol]
  • Book Love - Chapter 1 [Text-Based Protocol]
  • Write Like This - Chapter 1 [Final Word Protocol]
  • Framework for Change
  • Vision Protocol
  • Reading: Book Love + one "choice" book from a selection
  • ??? Reading Time ???
  • Exit slip + debrief
  • Next Steps -- ongoing work

Minutes from our meeting.

Essential Question

How do we help our students become better readers & writers?

Group Norms Protocol

Group Norms

As a group we will...

1. actively listen to one another.

2. focus all work on the purpose to stay on task.

3. maintain our responsibilities.

4. participate openly and honestly to reach compromise and consensus. 

5. assume positive intent.

6. always establish next steps and follow through last.

Assigning group roles and tasks

  • Note taker- Aaron Wiles

  • Timekeeper- Diane Anderson

  • Reminders and Agenda- Kate Burnell

  • Facilitator- Bari Boisvert (Others as needed)

  • Food person- Michael Turmelle

  • Materials curator- Pam Harland

  • Libguide of awesomeness creator- Pam Harland

  • Norms police- Aaron Cass, Crystal Lavoie, Evan Czyzowski, Michael Martinelli

Definition of consensus

  • After all voices are heard and all materials are presented, the will of the group is evident