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Schedule the library

Library Hours

Monday: 6:45 - 3:15
Tuesday: 6:45- 3:15
Wednesday: 6:45 - 2:10
Thursday: 6:45- 3:15
Friday: 6:45- 3:15

Library Orientation


Fiction, Non-Fiction, Kindles, Audio Books, Magazines, Videos, and Graphic Novels can be checked out for three weeks. These materials can be renewed.

Chromebooks, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Voice Recorders, and USB Jump Drives can be checked out for one week. These materials can be renewed.

There is no limit to the number of items a student can checkout as long as they return all materials on time.



Students are expected to return library materials on time and are held responsible for lost or damaged materials. Students are expected to behave responsibly and show respect for each other, for the resources, and the facility of the Library. All school rules apply in the library.

New Books?!

Library Reports Redo

I submit monthly library reports to stakeholders: administrators, schoolboard, interested faculty, parents, and students.

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Annual Report 2013-2014

February 2014 Report 

March 2014 Report

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June 2014 (Annual) Report