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The most important thing you should consider with your website is how usable is it? A site can have all the bells and whistles, but if it is not easy to use, well, it is not usable. Just because something looks cool and slick doesn't mean it is the best option for your website.

For example:

When a user mouses over a box, it flips over. It sure does look cool, but just how much functionality does it bring? Will it slow down or frustrate a user who simply wants to find information? Do not sacrifice usability for style. Our aim is to provide resources and information simply and efficiently.


Look at the image above. Go on, look. How usable is it? Is it clearly laid out? Are there drop down menus? Could some tabs be condensed down?

Having a million tabs is not a very usable, or easy, way to display information. Minimize tabs. Outline your site and determine a handful of main topics/resources.

For example:

Clearly labeled tabs with sub-categories listed underneath. A table of contents on the side to easily see all the options. USABLE!